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                  Deuteronomy 22:5 (Formally The Abominable Sin Of Crossing) 



This book deals with men and women dressing alike and what the bible has to says about it. Is there a verse  that says it is ok to dress one way at church and another in public?  "Your Book on dress answers every objection I have heard in my forty one years as a pastor."  Pastor Kenneth McFadden, Bible Baptist Church Searcy, AR.
"This Book is about as complete a covering of the issue as I've ever seen in one booklet" Teno Groppi, Genesis Evidence Ministry.
"This book has been a blessing to me and my church and has great truths on this subject" Pastor Dervin Spears, Victory Baptist Church Owenton, KY.                      

Item Name: Deuteronomy 22:5

 Deuteronomy 22:5  38 pages  Loving offering of $5.00 or more Includes shipping

.Children Of The World, God And The Devil



This book answers the following questions.

1. Is a person a child of God or the Devil?

2. Can a child of the Devil become a child of God ?

3. What is Satan's word?

4. What does it mean to believe with the heart?

5. Can the devil call his children to preach?

6.Can a person be a child of the Devil and believe he is a child of God?

7. Were Cain and Judas conceived of the devil?


 "I can't tell you how pleased I am with this book. I have read it twice" It's very informative and detailed.” You have a way of explaining things that is easy for me to understand. Not everyone has such a gift. From the moment I opened it I  was mesmerized and I just couldn’t put it down. I feel that these words are vitally important to a world that is becoming less and less interested in the will of God, not to mention that they aren’t interested in interpreting Gods word. This is the first book that I have read that is straightforward and I believe that is why that I just couldn’t put it down once I began to read. It made a dramatic impact on me. I feel as if I've awoken from  sleep into a world of clarity. And I suppose for that reason I feel compelled to share it with as many people as I possibly can. I have gained invaluable knowledge and understanding just by reading those words on paper, I only wish that everyone could be so fortunate. And I  hope that the ones that I passed it on to will feel compelled to pass it to others that they know. I want to truly  thank you for taking the time to create such an informative and easy to understand  piece of  work.  Keep up the good work! I am so looking forward to the next one.

Item: Children Of The World, God and The Devil

88  Pages   $8.00 love offering or more  Includes shipping

                Spiritual Gifts Given 

             A non typical look at the Spiritual Gifts

               The author answers questions such as:

What is a sign gift?
Can a man and a women have all the gifts?
Is the word "missionary" in the bible?
What would be the Bible word for missionary?
What is the difference in a talent and a gift?

Item: Spiritual Gifts Given

106 Pages    $10.00 love offering or more Includes shipping

All three books $15.00 includes shipping

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